Impact Investments: Creating a positive impact beyond financial returns

We provide advisory services to organisations exploring moving along the funding continuum and providing sustainable funding to social entrepreneurs. We do believe that most organisations should at least be exploring venture philanthropy models, Investing FOR impact, Investing WITH impact and Socially Responsible Investing.

Invest. Get a return. Make a difference.


A Good Investment. A good return. A measurable impact.

I am an Investor

“I want to put some of my money where it will do the most good, without necessarily sacrificing my return on investment. But I need to SEE impact”

Impact Funds

A Good Mandate. Good Investors. Measurement.

I am a Fund

“We need to craft our impact investment mandate, identify willing impact investors, mobilise their funds, source quality investment opportunities. We need to report on impact"

Service Providers

Supporting Social, Environmental, Governance Projects. Tracking.

We Provide Services

“As service providers to social, environmental or development entrepreneurs we have to fund our own activities, while at the same time needing to track and report"

Impact Entrepreneurs

Ideas. Passion. Dedication. Access to funds.

I am an Entrepreneur

"I have an awesome idea, or even an existing business, that could make a significant social, environmental, or development impact. But I have no idea how to frame my impact investment prospectus"

Fund Origination to Smart Contracts

All transactions are established as electronic smart contracts which only pay out when conditions are fulfilled.

Digital Platform for all

The Digital Platform offers an open-architecture model to buy and sell and offer goods and services seamlessly.

Impact Immutable Ledger

Every contact, agreement and transaction is stored in a block chain that guarantees data security and integrity.

Traceable social justice

The Platform ensures that every payment offered, even to the lowest level worker, is paid according to the agreement.

About us

FIT2fund is a Digital Platform that creates a secure and trusted environment to project funders, donor organisations and trading partners in order to manage and report on the allocation of funds as well as the impact of funds allocated.

Our mission

To facilitate access to and the flow of funding for developmental projects in developing countries in a way that manages the risk for all parties. To promote the formalization of economies, trade, and development.

Our focus

The future is already here. It is just distributed quite unequally...