We need your support

In order for us to support the NGOs and the NPOs that use our platform for free – we need your support. This is an investment in our country and our people, not charity. The funds are applied to direct efforts to get the economy going again and to pivot businesses to survive and prosper in the “new normal” – a post-COVID world. 

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All communities need to recover

All communities are linked in an ecosystem. If we do not assist all businesses to recover, recovery will take a lot longer

It's not about "food parcels"

It’s about the logistics behind getting the care and aid to people in remote communities. It’s about assisting the volunteers and the care workers to do their work.

Your business is affected - all are

Whether you like it or not, if all people do not get money to flow – who would you sell to? Who will visit your shop, how will the shop pay for the services you provide to them, how will you sell to the service provider? 

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